Be rock hard with Primobolan 200 from Dragon Pharma.

What is Primobolan 200?

Primobolan 200 is an injectable steroid from Dragon Pharma.

Its active lifespan is around 4-5 days, and it aids in muscular growth, feed efficiency, and fat loss. Because of its low side effects and fast gains in weight, athletes prefer this steroid.

What are the side-effects of Dragon Pharma Primobolan?

Oily skin, acne, and hair loss are all possible adverse effects of Primobolan.

This steroid is not transformed to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which causes male pattern baldness in men.

As a result, it can be used by males who are at risk of male pattern baldness without causing their hair to fall out.

Reviews of Primobolan 200.

Jonathan Frigola, September 2021. Took about a month to arrive, shipped from Singapore. Dragon Pharma Metenolone Enanthate seems legit. Oil is very fine and smooth when administering with no pip. Will definitely be buying again.

Bm ugmuscle, September 2021. The best methenolone enanthate available is from Dragon Pharma. I took 400mg to 600mg per week. The amps are of decent quality, and they don’t shatter easily, which is fantastic. I propose using an amp opener because you will need it for a lot of amps.

Mike Deacon, August 2021.  This stuff is fantastic! I ran it for 16 weeks at 700mgs of Metenolone. Although Primobolan 200 Metenolone Enanthate is claimed to be weak, this is due to low dosages. In my experience, Dragon Pharma’s Metenolone Enanthate was effective at a high dosage and produced good results.

BIGMURPH, July 2021. In my last cycle, I utilized the Dragon Pharma Primobolan 200 and had great results. I tested four different amps using a steroid test kit, and all of them came back positive with no doubt was methenolone enanthate.

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The Gooch, July 2021.  I’ve been taking Metenolone Enanthate from Dragon Pharma every cycle for the past several years. For me, all of Dragon Pharma’s items have proven to be genuine. Always a pleasure to do business with them! Great price, high-quality product, and fast shipping as always!

Jonathan remirez andrade, June 2021.  I’m a big fan of Dragon Pharma’s Metenolone Enanthate. I buy it every time I begin cutting. It is a fantastic product for the price, and it arrived in just a week or so. This stuff is highly recommended.

Matt2979, June 2021. I read some blogs after I had already bought Dragon Pharma Primobolan 200 that concerned me about the PIP. It’s been a really, very smooth experience for me. And it’s enabling my physique to develop even more than I anticipated, so I’ll be returning for another blast!

danilo de araujo, June 2021.  I’m quite happy with this Dragon Pharma-made Primobolan 200. I was hesitant at first, but this is fantastic!!! 4 weeks into my cycle at 200 mgs per week, I’m starting to see some solid gains on my cut. My skin appears to be skinnier (Also helps on a Keto diet).

Sean Brady, May 2021.  I’m a novice when it comes to using Dragon Pharma Metenolone Enanthate in my regimen, and so far I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been on a three-cycle since I ran it, and the weight I’ve gained has all been lean mass.

Austin Jones, May 2021. I’m pleased with the transaction since Dragon Phama Primobolan 200 was authentic as promised. Thank you very much; I’ll be back for more.

Rock out with Primobolan 200

To summarize, Dragon Pharma’s Primobolan 200 is a muscle-building steroid.

It is considered to be a moderate steroids and has less androgenic activity than other anabolic steroids.

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If you want to improve your muscles, Dragon Pharma’s Primobolan 200 may be the ideal solution for you.

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