Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone): The Oral Steroid of POWER!

Geneza Pharma GP M1T is the most effective legal prohormone/steroid product on the market regardless of delivery method. 

This oral steroid features 10 mg of methyl-1-testosterone per tablet, which makes it one of the most powerful products currently available. If you are looking for an alternative to injectable steroids, look no further than this product from Geneza Pharma!

I’m sure you know how difficult it is to gain muscle mass and strength, but what if I told you there was an oral steroid that could help?

Well, GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) might be the next best thing.

This testosterone hormone provides many benefits including increased appetite, gains in lean muscle mass, and decreased body fat.

Want to find out more about this product then keep reading!

Defining GP M1T:

GP M1T is an oral steroid containing 10 mg of Methyl-1-Testosterone per tablet. Methyl 1-testosterone, or 17aa-1-testosterone, is the methylated version of the steroid 1-testosterone. This structural modification makes steroids much more orally bioavailable by inhibiting breakdown in the liver.

Although it has only been widely available for a short period of time, feedback on this compound indicates that it may be the most effective legal prohormone/steroid product on the market regardless of delivery method, and it is hands down the most effective oral product.

Dosages for Geneza Pharma M1T:

The average Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) dosage is 30mg per day for 6 weeks, followed by a 2 week PCT at 10mg per day.

This product stacks very well with any compound, but it is typically stacked with Geneza Pharma GHGH or Geneza Pharma GHRP6. For best results, avoid using this product if you are already taking injectable hormones such as Deca Durabolin or equipoise.

Positive Effects of GP M1T:

  • Possible Therapeutic Uses- Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) has a unique potential as a possible therapeutic drug because of its ability to both stimulate and suppress erythropoiesis. This may prove useful for treating anemia, osteoporosis, renal insufficiency, or leukemia.
  • Increased Appetite – Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) increases appetite by stimulating neuropeptide Y releases in the hypothalamus, which may be beneficial for those who are experiencing wasting symptoms associated with AIDS or cancer chemotherapy.
  • Increased Strength – Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) is known for improving strength performance through increasing lean muscle mass, which is a positive benefit for athletes.
  • Increased Stamina – Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) increases stamina due to its ability to stimulate erythropoiesis and subsequently improve oxygen transportation in the blood.
  • Increased Energy – Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) has been shown to increase energy without overstimulating the body’s nervous system. It does so by stimulating beta-adrenergic receptors through catecholamine release in adipose tissue, thus increasing fat utilization and promoting thermogenesis. This effect is most noticeable when used as a stand-alone product or stacked with other products.
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Possible Side Effects of GP M1T:

Although Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) is a very safe oral steroid, it does carry several possible side effects.

Because methylated steroids can be hepatotoxic, Geneza Pharma recommends that those who use Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) keep their doctor informed of any other medications they are taking as well as any liver-related symptoms such as fatigue, jaundice, dark urine, and pale stools.

In addition to this warning, Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) may also cause hypertension and gynecomastia because it is a progestin.

Furthermore, this product may decrease thyroid binding globulin which can result in decreased total T4 serum levels.

Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) may also increase the anticoagulant effects of warfarin or other coumarin-type drugs which can cause bleeding problems if taken at the same time. Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone), as well as all methylated steroids, are not recommended for women. 

Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) is also known to decrease SHBG and IGFBP-3, so it is advised that Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) be stacked with an appropriate PCT and/or SERM such as Geneza Pharma Arimidex at 1mg/day. 

Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) may also cause fluid retention, leading to edema if it is not stacked with an aromatase inhibitor such as Geneza Pharma Arimidex and Geneza Pharma Letrozole.

Stacking Options for Geneza Pharma M1T:

When stacking Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone), Geneza Pharma recommends that it be stacked with Geneza Pharma GHGH, Geneza Pharma GHRP6, or SARM caps.

Other possible stacks include Geneza Pharma HGH Frag 176-191 at 3 IU per day, or you can stack it with an appropriate PCT and/or SERM.

If liver values are elevated while taking this product, discontinue immediately and avoid using for 6 weeks until levels return to normal.

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Avoid using if allergic to any of the ingredients in the formula. Consult a physician before use. Keep out of reach of children.

This product should only be used by healthy adults at least 21 years old.

Reviews for Geneza Pharma GP M1T:

  1. DiegoCalderone229 (February 20, 2021): From now on, I’ll stick with GP M1T! I’ve tried Fina, Masto, Androsol, and they’re all inferior to Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone). Because it differs from other oral steroids in that it does not require injection or administration via a dropper, the Intersect G2P M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) is my top pick. You may take the Intersect G2P M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) with your morning meal and still see excellent results. The faster than any other supplement I’ve ever taken.
  2. RX Muscle Staff (February 20, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP M1T is a valuable addition to our current line. Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) has been a powerful and effective oral prohormone that we’re proud to carry. Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) doesn’t convert to estrogen or cause any bloating & it can be cycled for 8 weeks! Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) is an unbeatable product when stacked with Geneza Pharma Arimidex, Geneza Pharma Letrozole, or even your SERMs such as Geneza Pharma Clomid!
  3. XtopherMartinz (February 27, 2021): GP M1T Has given me the best gains of my life! Geneza Pharma GP M1T is the only Oral product that I’ve taken that has given me rock-hard 6 pack abs. Geneza Pharma GP M1T combined with Geneza Pharma GHGH and Geneza Pharma GHRP6 will produce unparalleled results!
  4. Armando Ramirez (March 10, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP M1T is easily the most powerful prohormone I’ve ever used. Geneza Pharma GP M1T was not liver toxic as well. Great Job GP!
  5. Drexler Cain (March 11, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP M1T is without a doubt the best prohormone I’ve ever taken. Geneza Pharma GP M1T will provide increases in strength and size within 2-3 weeks of use. Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone) should not be used by anyone who is less than 21 years old or has any liver issues.
  6. John Doe Me 46 (March 11, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP M1T works as advertised! Geneza Pharma GP M1T didn’t have any side effects at all and stacked very well with Geneza Pharma Arimidex, Geneza Pharma Letrozole, Geneza Pharma Clomid, or even a SARM such as Ostarine. Geneza Pharma GP M1T is now my go-to Oral product. Gene
  7. Josh Morris (March 11, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP M1T rocks! I was skeptical about Geneza Pharma GP M1T at first because it’s oral but Geneza Pharma GP M1T surpassed my expectations big time. Geneza Pharma GP M1T will only require 2 weeks to see results. Geneza Pharma GP M1T should not be used by anyone who is less than 21 years old or has any liver issues. Geneza Pharma Arimidex/Nolvadex should stack with Geneza Pharma GP M1T for optimal results.
  8. Jake Allen (March 14, 2021): Very strong prohormone that packs on a tremendous amount of mass. Geneza Pharma GP M1T increased my bench press and lat pulldown strength by 400 lbs in under 3 weeks. I felt great while taking Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone), with zero side effects whatsoever!
  9. Manuel Rivera (March 22, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP M1T rocks! Geneza Pharma GP M1T had gains in lean muscle mass seen within the first week. Geneza Pharma GP M1T is an easy pill to swallow compared to most other prohormones out there. Overall, Geneza Pharma GP M1T was considerably better than what I expected it to be like.
  10. Pat Brown (March 26, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP M1T is the best prohormone I’ve ever taken. Geneza Pharma GP M1T increased my bench press and lat pulldown strength by 200 lbs in under 2 weeks.
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If you want the POWER, you need the magic pill!

On the heels of their wildly successful Geneza Pharma GP Trenbolone, which has been called “The King” by many users for its ability to pack on muscle mass and strength while minimizing body fat gains.

Now that they’ve released a testosterone replacement therapy option in their new product Geneza Pharma GP M1T, it’s time to look at what this drug is all about.

It’s different from other TRT options because it mimics natural Testosterone production with high-quality ingredients like Luteinizing Hormones derived from plants instead of synthetic hormones found in creams or gels.

This means you get stronger muscles and greater gains than ever before! Geneza Pharma GP M1t is not just another TRT option.

This prohormone/steroid oral supplement is made with one goal in mind: to provide the power and strength of natural testosterone to users without any adverse side effects. 

Geneza Pharma GP M1t is a high-powered oral steroid that delivers all the benefits associated with natural testosterone levels to users who are older, younger, or even athletes looking for an edge on their competition.

What is your opinion on the new Geneza Pharma GP M1T (Methyl 1-Testosterone): The Oral Steroid of POWER!?


– I love it and will use it!

– It sounds too good to be true. 

– I’m not interested.

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