Hello dear readers, on this page we will tell you some interesting information about our project that will help you better perceive it.

The site is dedicated to strength sports, with an emphasis on bodybuilding and fitness, due to the fact that today these are the two most popular areas of sports activity for active people.

What is the site for?

The main idea of ​​creating a site is to rejuvenate, improve the health of the population of the planet earth, through competent training in the gym / at home and proper nutrition, as well as influence the reader’s worldview, making him independent of stereotypes that still destroy public consciousness.

In addition, there are other, less important reasons for creating this project, which are of a fundamental nature:

The emergence of a large number of illiterate trainers in gyms, who make beginners waste money, and also expose their bodies to various injuries.
The fashion for fitness centers, which generated a huge interest in strength training, absolutely not understanding people in sports.
Financial independence (earnings on the site).
Thus, we frankly listed for you 4 main reasons for which it was decided to create this resource.

What is the site about?

Every year, the popularity of fitness centers is increasing, if 10-15 years ago, only professional athletes went there, who began their “iron” path from “basement” rocking chairs, now, thanks to popularization through social networks, newspapers and magazines, as well as through holding various kinds of fitness and bodybuilding competitions, millions of people around the world go there every day.

Often, the mere appearance of a gym in the area of ​​residence spurs people on to an active, healthy lifestyle.

Due to the high popularity of fitness centers in all cities, there is a great demand for fitness instructors who are often recruited “by ad”. That is why, it is necessary to look for other sources of useful information that can correctly inform beginners to conduct a competent training process.